Queen of L.A.

Queen of L.A.
The Queen of L.A.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Linda Ronstadt – In Session at KSAN=-FM, San Francisco -November 18, 1973

With news today regarding Linda Ronstadt’s disclosure earlier of having Parkinson’s Disease, and the acknowledgement that she will most likely not sing again, it took the music community and her millions of fans by complete shock.

Linda Ronstadt has been such a firm fixture in the history of Rock in Los Angeles, a voice so synonymous with the 70’s and the Country-Rock genre so typified by Asylum Records, that it’s hard to understand the voice may no longer be available. That a disease as crippling as Parkinson’s has forced her to retire from music has saddened a lot of people today. And along with it comes the inevitable reality check that some things are just not destined to last.

To give you an idea of why everyone (certainly of a certain age) is in such a state of shock and sadness today, I thought I would run an informal session she recorded live at The Record Plant in Sausalito for Bay Area radio station KSAN on November 18, 1973.

This is the classic period – 1973 was a watershed period for the singer and this session provides a who’s who of notable talent who joined her.

Here’s a list of who’s in on the session:



Linda Ronstadt


Record Plant

Sausalito, CA


Bob Warford Guitar

Andrew Gold Guitar

Doug Hayward Bass Guitar

John Boylan Piano, Guitar

 From Steely Dan: 

Jimmy Hodder Drums

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter Steel Guitar

So if you aren’t familiar with Linda Ronstadt – or only vaguely heard about her in passing, here is an excellent example of an artist during her peak.

And after the 58 or so minutes of this session you’ll come to realize why people are upset today.

She’s still with us – it’s just different now.

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3 thoughts on “Linda Ronstadt – In Session At KSAN – 1973 – Nights At The Roundtable: Session Edition

  1. This is so sad. ‘some things are just destined not to last’ ~ and some things never ever die. If I remember correctly, Linda’s been very busily engaged in Music Ed. (with a sparkle). Praying for this precious one.

  2. Thank you for this. I was a big fan of hers around this time and was lucky enough to have seen her perform a few times.

  3. It sounds like she is playing the guitar herself on Long Long Time. She plays well, but her voice is not as powerful and focused when she plays the guitar herself.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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