Click on the link here for Audio Player – BBC News And News from EIAR, Rome – August 27, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

This day in 1939, to a degree, resembles this day in 2013. Perhaps not as far reaching and all-engulfing as the events leading up to the beginning of World War 2, but an aura of uncertainty over what the day, and in fact the week, would finally bring.

On this August 27th in 1939 the storm clouds were hovering, and all of Europe was readying for the unknown, but it was most certainly war.

The airwaves were filled with news, reactions and bulletins. Preparedness and accusations; last minute negotiations and final orders.

And stuck in the middle, as always, were regular people, citizens of towns and villages from Britain to the Balkans, waiting for news – waiting for the final outcome.

And all the news for this day in 1939 was about just that. So here is a 90 minute extract from the ongoing emergencies of the day, as reported by the BBC World Service and EIAR, the Fascist Government radio network in Italy, broadcasting their English service.

Ominous and foreboding times – days of living on the brink.

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