The new face of R&B.

Miguel – Live At Malmö, Sweden – Nights At The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition

The new face of R&B.
The new face of R&B.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Miguel – live at Malmö, Sweden – recorded live by Sveriges Radio P3 – August 5, 2013

Over to Malmö Sweden tonight for a mini-concert by West Coast native Miguel, recorded by Sveriges Radio in January of this year and broadcast just a few weeks ago. Characterized as part of a New Wave of R&B artists, Miguel has scored very highly with audiences, and judging by the reaction to the Swedish crowd, has gained a pretty solid reputation worldwide. Incorporating a mash-up of R&B, Funk, Hip-hop, rock and electronica into his music, Miguel has forged some new vistas as a result and is considered, not only New Wave R&B, but a new genre for R&B. He has been favorably reviewed and has won a host of awards, starting with New Artist of the Year in 2011 and going from there.

As always, listening to R&B in a live setting is a unique and enjoyable experience. The versatility in Miguel’s vocals are plainly evident in this context – no production, no overdubbing, no tricks. It’s the proverbial flying-without-a-net and it adds to the assessment that here is an artist who has something to say.

So hang out for a bit and enjoy.

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