On top of everything else; the loss of an icon. (photo: Jan Olofsson)

On top of everything else; the loss of an icon. (photo: Jan Olofsson)
On top of everything else; the loss of an icon. (photo: Jan Olofsson)

Click on the link here for Audio Player: BBC Radio 4 – PM – September 12, 2003

News for this day ten years ago had much to do with a world in turmoil, but the loss of an American Music icon added a poignancy to September 12th.

On this September 12th in 2003, news of the lifting of UN sanctions against Libya, in place since the terrorist bombing of PanAm Flight 103 over Lacherbie Scotland and the killing of 243 passengers and 16 crew had many in the White House skeptical over the vote. Libya was still considered a major player in the “War on Terror” and aides to Bush were quick to point out the sanctions lift didn’t really change all that much with respect to the U.S. position on the Khadafi regime.

And the situation in Iraq dragged on with news from Fallujah that 8 Iraqi security personnel were mistakenly killed by U.S. troops. And new agitation was going along with the anxiety over the allegations of an Iranian Nuclear program and what that would mean for the region.

Since the newscast for this day comes via the BBC, much news was spent on the comings and goings of the Green Party in the UK, and their plans for the rest of Europe in the coming elections. Also, the economic situation with the EU and the problems with some member nations.

But the sad news came from Baptist Hospital in Nashville, with word that American music legend Johnny Cash had died at the age of 71 from complications associated with Diabetes.

The tributes poured in and this episode of PM offered a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Man In Black who was extremely popular in the UK.

And that’s part of what went on in the world this day, as reported by BBC Radio  4’s PM program for September 12, 2003.


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