70s Americana.

Steely Dan – Live at The Record Plant – KMET – 1974 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Steely Dan – Live at The Record Plant – KMET broadcast – March 20, 1974

A dose of Americana this weekend. Since I’ve been running bands all week as part of Rock Without Borders, I thought  I would give a nod to the homefolks and run this early 70s in-studio radio concert from the legendary Steely Dan, as broadcast over equally legendary (and sadly gone) L.A. FM rock station KMET,  on March 20, 1974.

This is actually a milestone gig, as it was part of a promotion ABC-Dunhill Records did in connection with the release of Countdown To Ecstasy, and the string of hits that album spawned. The energy is pretty high and the renditions are pretty fresh, which is what happens when you have new material that hasn’t been played or listened-to to death yet.

So this is a historic gig by a band who were very influential on the American music scene in the early 70s. They have since graduated on to Elder Statesmen Status (Fagan and Becker) and are still very much a presence.

But in 1974 it was a different ballgame. They were on the road to being household names.

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