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A summit meeting
A summit meeting

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Wayne Shorter – Larry Coryell – Live at Montreux – July 20, 1990 – Swiss Radio

Over to Montreux this weekend for a classic meeting between legends Wayne Shorter and Larry Coryell, recorded on July 20, 1990 and broadcast by Swiss Radio.

A nice blend of Jazz and Fusion carried out by one of the greatest living Improvisers (Shorter) and the Godfather of Fusion (Coryell). Together they make a heady and luxuriant blend and a good time was had by all on that steamy Montreux evening.

Here’s what’s on the player and here’s who joins in the proceedings:


Wayne Shorter (s), Jim Beard (kbds), Larry Coryell (g), Ronnie Burrage (dr), Jeff Andrews (b) 

1. Sanctuary (12:24)

2. Over Shadow Hill Way (12:00)

3. Virgo Rising (16:17)

4. Face On The Bar Room Floor (07:57)

5. O’Americano (10:15)

6. Endangered Species (06:39)

7.Endangered Species – Improv. sur Theme (13:57)

Just under 90 minutes – perfect for Sunday listening.

Goes well with doing nothing. Reading, navel gazing and woodworking are also options.


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