As unrest continued in France . . .and everywhere else.

Another Day – Another Round Of Billy Clubs And Teargas – December 4, 1947

As unrest continued in France . . .and everywhere else.

As unrest continued in France . . .and everywhere else.

Click on the link here for Audio Player:  NBC Radio – news Of The World – December 4, 1949 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Another day of drama and upheaval, this December 4th in 1947.

Still reeling from the UN partition plan of Palestine, riots were continuing in Jerusalem and all throughout the region. Riots were erupting again in Paris, with Communists taking to the streets. And the Big 4 Conference being held in London hit another snag. The Cold War was alive and well and kicking up a storm.

Back home, the 44th International Livestock Exposition was underway in Chicago while Capitol Hill was haggling over Aid to European recovery and justifying the additional $180 million President Truman asked for to go along with the $590 million the Senate had earmarked for Foreign Aid. Meanwhile, inflation-fighting measures were still in place, with Meatless Tuesday, Eggless Thursday and save-a-slice-a-day to go along with other eat-less-save-more initiatives being introduced.

And that’s a sample of what was going on this December 4th in 1947 as reported on NBC’s News Of The World.


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