A lot of you have been visiting . . . .but . . . .

The Past Daily Almost/Not-Quite Winter Fundraiser

A lot of you have been visiting . . . .but . . . .
A lot of you have been visiting . . . .but . . . .


It’s that time again. Ending up an insane year and gearing up for another one. Past Daily has been burning the midnight oil and working harder than a Shanghai sweatshop all year and we’ve run out of money. Money – that weird thing that keeps the machines running, the rent paid and the site going.

This thing costs a lot to keep up. It averages about $5,000 a month to keepPast Daily up and running daily. Which is pretty reasonable, compared to most media sites. But we come up short every month – and by the end of the year we’re in danger of not continuing for the next year. We try to keep these fundraisers down to twicd a year – once in the middle and once in the end – that’s when all the bills pile in.

And that’s why I come to you and ask for help. I’m not asking for a lot – not asking for millions, or even hundreds of thousands – just enough to keep the site up and functioning and giving you the best of what I’m here for – to share my collection and lifes work with you, and to turn you on to things and places and people you may not be familiar with.

Let me put it another way – everything on my site you can download, and its free – and I keep it that way because I think you being informed is the most important thing in life I can do. If you were to go out and get this stuff on your own – first off, you may not find it – but more importantly, it would be a huge time consumption and it would cost you a bundle. Sort of like those ads that used to say “if you bought this in a store it would cost you thousands”. Past Daily makes it happen for you and for free.

Since I can’t afford a staff of people, I have to do all this on my own – it takes up my entire day, every day, in order to make sure you get these important slices of history and culture. I do it because I love it, but it would be nice not to do it at a deficit. And so I ask for your support.

Give what you can – $1.00 – $5.00 – $25.00 – any amount you feel comfortable with. Any amount you feel is worth my time and effort to give you information you may not find anywhere else.

I promise not to bug you for very long. My deepest and most sincere gratitude to those of you who have contributed in the past. You’ve made all the difference and you’ve helped keep this going. Tell your friends, and if you like what you see and hear on Past Daily, give what you can.

As always, I’m only as good as the company – this site belongs to you. This is your history and this is your culture – I’m just slapping it up and making it sound good.

Help me keep it going.


You can make a donation by hitting the Paypal button on the site – or you can go over to Fundrazr and make a donation here: Help out Past Daily!

Gettin' all merry, like Christmas!
Gettin’ all merry, like Christmas!


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