Click on the link here for Audio Player – Van Morrison – In Concert at Glastonbury – 1987 – BBC 6 Music

Familiar names and familiar territory tonight. Van Morrison in concert at the Glastonbury Festival in 1987.’

Certainly one of the mainstays in popular music, Van Morrison has always had a huge following, going back to the days of Them. Musical styles have shifted over the years. Not so much Rock as much as a sort of Jazz/Blues hybrid, Van Morrison continues to appreciate a large audience, as is evidenced by the great reception he got from the Glasto crowd. It would be safe to say they know a legend when they hear one.

If you’re familiar, this one will ring a few bells. If you aren’t familiar – he represents an important chunk of musical history, and you need to know about him.

So, turn it up. There’ll be a true-false test in a week or so . . . .or not.

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1 thought on “Van Morrison – In Concert At Glastonbury – 1987 – Nights The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition

  1. Gordon, You manage daily to surpass yourself. This Van Morrison show still has me dancing about the house. Thank you very, very much. I’ve been a Van fan since Them, and that’s a mighty long time. Wonderful sound on this, also. Superb!

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