The early 70s were jammed with Power Trios.

The early 70s were jammed with Power Trios.
The early 70s were jammed with Power Trios.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Baker-Gurvitz Army – Live at Reading Union – 1975 – BBC Radio 1 – In Concert series

Tonight it’s a mini-concert from a band not around for a very long time. The Baker-Gurvitz Army was a short-lived moment in time, that netted three albums, from a band consisting of the Gurvitz Brothers (Adrian and Paul) and Ginger Baker. Baker of course, late of Cream, with brief stints in Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Airforce, Fela Kuti‘s Africa ’70 (1 album) among others. ¬†And in 1973, teaming up with the former Three Man Army/Gun configuration of Adrian and Paul Gurvitz. They had one successful album, their self-titled debut, which rose to #22 on the Billboard charts. The next two albums didn’t chart at all and by 1976, the band called it a day and went off to other, perhaps greener, pastures.

But tonight’s concert comes from that mid-point. Recorded live at Reading-Union in 1975, by the venerable and always wired BBC for their In Concert series on BBC Radio 1.

The Baker-Gurvitz Army have slipped under the radar somewhat. They aren’t really mentioned in the course of history and have gone pretty much forgotten in the ensuring years. But they were part of that haze known as the 70s, during a time when Power Trios were still very much a force to be reckoned with.

Play loud – just because they did in 1975. Do it for old times sake.

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