With a voice that occasionally exceeded human hearing.

Lene Lovich – In Session – 1979 – Nights At The Roundtable: Session Edition

With a voice that occasionally exceeded human hearing.

With a voice that occasionally exceeded human hearing.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Lene Lovich – in session for John Peel – December 12, 1979 – BBC Radio 1 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

This one should test a few memory banks tonight. The inimitable Lene Lovich, in session for the equally inimitable John Peel from December 1979.

Sadly, the sound isn’t as good as usual – since it does come from an aircheck (recorded off the air from not a hi-fi source), but Lovich is such a cornerstone in the 70s milieu that it almost seems apropos to present it in rough shape.

The late 70s were so off-the-wall that, hearing Lene Lovich now, you more or less wonder how she managed to be as popular as she was. But there was no one like her around at the time – her voice was one-of-a-kind and her stage persona was so other-wordly you couldn’t help but be completely knocked out by her. And she had a string of worldwide hits to her credit too. So she was no one-hit wonder, by any stretch.

She helped make it all worthwhile. And this ten minute snapshot should give you some idea what all the excitement and craziness was all about.

Pretend it’s 1979 and you’re hearing this in your car . . . .as a lot of us did. You’ll get the picture.

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