Bringing Jazz-Funk to the mix.

Bringing Jazz-Funk to the mix.
Bringing Jazz-Funk to the mix.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Working Week – In Concert At Glastonbury – 1985 – BBC Radio

Just when it was thought the 80s couldn’t get any more diverse, up pops a new hybrid – Jazz-Pop-Funk-Dance. It morphed into a side-product of New Wave, but was a stand-alone genre which Working Week‘s predecessor Weekend got started. Weekend, and later Working Week (after weekend dissolved), propelled a number of other bands to follow suit and the Jazz-Funk-Dance combination became a mainstay all through the 1980s and well into the 90s.

Working Week, made up of guitarist Simon Booth and Sax player Larry Stebbins, were fronted by the exquisite Juliet Roberts and created a wave of excitement throughout the New Music community. Their much anticipated debut album Working Nights, was released in April of 1985, and it’s while they were promoting the album they performed at the Glastonbury Festival in June of 1985.

Sadly, Juliet Roberts would leave the band in 1987. Booth and Stebbins continued on with a number of guest vocalists, including the legendary Julie Tippets, before calling it a day in 1991.

But as a reminder of how they sounded during those peak years, here is that Glastonbury show featuring the original lineup.

Play with the lights down.

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