REM appeared and Music got different.

REM – Live In Germany – 1985 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

REM appeared and Music got different.
REM appeared and Music got different.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – REM – In Concert from Dortmund, Germany – October 2, 1985 – WDR Rockpalast

Apologies for not posting this sooner. REM in the early days was the proverbial breath of fresh air. They represented that slice of Rock which was so quintessentially American that it established Athens, Georgia as something of a new Mecca for Music in the early 80s.

Early on they were considered a cult band – but ┬áthere was something about them that clicked with people and┬áthat status quickly gave way to a mass crossover – they were a band appreciated by everyone and they became a household name in a very short time.

This concert, recorded in Dortmund, Germany by the venerable WDR for their Rockpalast series, catches the band as they are on the cusp of achieving mass popularity. Recorded on October 2, 1985 you can almost feel the audience change, from initially passive to standing ovation. It’s a little over 90 minutes and it is, for all intents and purposes, a classic concert.

Crank it up and enjoy the weekend – goes great with Spring and changing the clocks.

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