Sonny Rollins - speaking the absolute truth.

Sonny Rollins Trio – Live In Zurich 1959 – Past Daily Downbeat

Sonny Rollins - speaking the absolute truth.

Sonny Rollins – speaking the absolute truth.

Click on the link here for Audio Player РSonny Rollins Trio РIn Session for Swiss Radio, Zurich Р March 5, 1959 РGordon Skene Sound Collection

The legendary Sonny Rollins this weekend, recorded in session for Swiss Radio on March 5, 1959. Joining Sonny (as in the rest of the 1959 European tour) are Henry Grimes on Bass and Pete LaRoca on Drums.

Luckily, almost the entire 1959 European tour was recorded and available in various forms over the years. If you’re a fan of Sonny Rollins you no doubt have this. But if you’re just discovering him, here is another example of someone who has been a major influence on Jazz over the years – thankfully, still with us and still influencing. They don’t call him Colossus for nothing.

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