Wasn't the Cold War fab?

Wasn't the Cold War fab?
Wasn’t the Cold War fab?

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Radio Moscow News In English – April 13, 1947 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

One of the upticks during the Cold War was the near constant barrage of propaganda, newscasts, jamming of signals and plain old Publicity that took place between the U.S. and The Soviet Union.

Before the days of streaming and podcasts, listening to the goings-on in any country other than your own required doing some intense listening via Short Wave radio. Listening for those faint signals and familiar sign-on tunes, there was a certain romantic air about the whole thing, even if you were listening to propaganda. And because their time wasn’t necessarily your time, figuring out when these distant places would start broadcasting usually meant staying up all hours of the night – especially since there’s roughly a 10 hour difference between Los Angeles and Moscow time-wise.

Still, getting an idea what was going on in other parts of the world held enormous fascination for a lot of people. And one of the most listened-to Short Wave stations throughout the Cold War period was Radio Moscow.

During this particular broadcast, a fascinating Editorial on the state of affairs between Eastern European countries and The Soviet Union, in particular Yugoslavia, Albania, Rumania and Bulgaria. The Editorial goes to great lengths to talk about the Soviet Union’s aid in helping those countries recover from the War, their sovereignty, while going to great lengths to blame the West for meddling and threats. Interesting, particularly when you listen to the other side of the story regarding the same subject. Ideologies, it would seem, are in the eyes of the beholder – at least they were in 1947.

And that’s what listening to world radio during the Cold War era was all about.

Here is Radio Moscow from April 13, 1947.

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5 thoughts on “April 13, 1947 “Greetings Comrade! “- Radio Moscow During Cold War

  1. Very enjoyable and rare in that I have found no other Radio Moscow broadcasts on the web. Thank you for the effort in providing this broadcast from 1947. It is a palpable connection to the cold war in its earliest years.
    I hope someone can help me find other examples broadcasts during the cold war. Thank you

    1. Do a search for Radio Moscow on this site. There are numerous broadcasts from this period that have posted over the years.

      1. Thank you Gordon for your tip and thank you for sharing your collection. I was stationed in Germany at the end of the cold war and have an American classmate and friend who lives on the former inner German border. I have an interest in this era of history and the radio broadcasts truly bring it to life. Thanks again, Mark

      2. My pleasure – I keep adding more daily, so check back from time to time.


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