Another in a long line of senseless acts.

With Sickening Familiarity – The Virginia Tech. Shootings – April 16, 2007

Another in a long line of senseless acts.

Another in a long line of senseless acts.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Virginia Tech. Shooting -press conference – April 16, 2007 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Only seven years ago on this day – April 16, 2007 started off with news of a fresh set of horrors on a school campus. This time it was Virginia Tech. As too many times before, the shootings were random, senseless and staged by heavily armed people, venting some level of inexplicable disturbance into the lives of innocents.

By the end of this day, some 33 students, including the shooter, were dead.

And again, the country was shocked. And again the grief flowed. And again the pledges of tighter gun controls echoed everywhere.

And as always, the loss and little else. The loss and no resolution. The loss and no resolution until the next time, and the outrage will echo again.

Here is a portion of that press conference conducted by Law Enforcement in Blacksburg, Virginia on that April 16th in 2007.

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