Wes Montgomery - sayin' it.
Wes Montgomery – sayin’ it.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Wes Montgomery Group – Funkhaus Studio 10, Hamburg Germany – April 30, 1965 – NDR

The legendary Wes Montomgery Group this weekend. It occurred to me that I hadn’t run any Montgomery on Past Daily since we got started. No good reason. Digging through the avalanche of history, mostly. So many hours in the day, only so much of me to go around. Special thanks to Pat Dallas for suggesting this one; good call.

I’ve always associated Wes Montgomery with the 60s, primarily because it was during that decade Montgomery had a big surge in popularity via crossing over to Pop audiences. And likewise, some Rock/Jaz groups paying homage to Montgomery. His memorable Bumpin’ On Sunset was a big hit for him, as much as it was for Brian Auger & The Trinity, who had a hit with it in the UK and a moderate hit in the U.S.

This weekend it’s the Wes Montgomery Group, with a great lineup featuring Johnny Griffin on tenorsax, Ronnie Scott on tenorsax, Hans Koller on alto, Ronnie Ross on baritone, the great Martial Solal on piano, Michael Guidry on bass and Ronnie Stevenson on drums. It’s all recorded live at the Funkhaus Studio 10 in Hamburg by the venerable North German Radio on April 30, 1965.

49 years ago?? Still sounds fresh. But then, when you’re timeless to begin with, it doesn’t matter when you listen to it, it always sounds fresh. And each listening brings out new things to discover. That’s one of the wonderful powers Jazz has. Well . . all good music, for that matter.

If it’s good it never grows old.


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