Caravan In Session – Paris – 1973 – Nights At The Roundtable: Session Edition

Caravan - The long arm of Canterbury extends to this day.
Caravan – The long arm of Canterbury extends to this day.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Caravan In session at Batalan – 1973 – French Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Perennial all-time favorites Caravan tonight, from a session recorded by French Radio in 1973 live at La Bataclan.

A few seconds over 20 minutes, it’s still a good glimpse into a band who were very much part of a highly influential movement in the late 60s/early 70s. Known as the Canterbury Scene, bands like The Wilde Flowers, Caravan, Soft Machine, and offshoots Hatfield & The North were major forces in the introduction of Progressive Rock to the world, and served as the touchstone for countless bands throughout Europe and even the U.S.

Their influence continues to this day – current bands like Syd Arthur offer a heavy debt of gratitude to the likes of Caravan for their innovation and unorthodox approach. By taking elements of Psychedelia and mixing them with a combination of Classical, Jazz and Folk, it sowed the seeds for what would branch into Progrock – and because they were never embraced by the mainstream record buying public, and certainly radio (with the exception of FM Undergound) at the time, people discovering them now find these bands new and interesting, and more than likely have never heard them before. So rather than sound antiquated and the stuff of nostalgia, many of these bands are treated as new. Further proving the point – “if you’ve never heard it before – it’s new to you”.

And it just goes to show you; when it’s good, it stays forever.

And for proof, hit the link and the Play button and listen for yourself. If you know about them, Caravan in this live setting is a welcome addition to your listening experience. If you’ve never heard them before – this is a great stepping off place to start your discovery.

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