10cc - A Wild attack of talent and a struggle between commercial and exploratory.
10cc – A Wild attack of talent and a struggle between commercial and exploratory.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – 10cc – In Concert Series – Live in London – August 231, 1974 – BBC Radio 1

Depending on  how you looked at it, 10cc were one of the most successful Pop/Rock/Art-Rock/Soft Rock bands of the 70s.

And it was just that confusion that pretty much did them in. They were a wildly successful band, with I’m Not In Love becoming something of an anthem in the mid-1970s. But to a lot of people, it was the quintessential love ballad, and not necessarily the darkly humorous tongue-in-cheek put-on it really was.

That was the crux of the conflict, even within the band itself. 10cc actually consisted of two distinctly different songwriting teams – Godley and Creme and Stewart and Gouldman. Eric Stewart had reaped success early-on in his career as a founding member of the British Invasion band Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders (Game of Love etc.) – Graham Gouldman wrote the massive hit for the Yardbirds For Your Love. So the Stewart/Gouldman team were responsible for much of the pop-oriented direction for the band. Godley and Creme were the Art-Rock/Experimental side. And the two were often conflicted. So much so, that Godley and Creme parted from 10cc in 1976 to explore greener pastures, while the remaining members of 10cc admittedly floundered and eventually dissolved in 1984. Various attempts at putting together a reunion have been met with equally various degrees of frustration.

But in 1974, 10cc were at the top of their game, and this concert from the BBC In Concert series, recorded in London on August 21, 1974, is ample proof of just what a legendary band they were.

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  1. Wonderful show, this one…! I was, erm, fortunate enough to obtain a video version of it, and made a DVD cover for it, which can be downloaded here:


    Boilerplate (but serious): As with all my covers, this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and not intended to be used for profit in any way. All rights belong to the original creators, and none are claimed on my part.

    “Sheet Music” rools OK! 🙂

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