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Scientific Knowledge and the role of Imagination.
Scientific Knowledge and the role of Imagination.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Jacob Bronowski – Has The Truth A Future? – BBC Radio

Jacob Bronowski is probably best known for his milestone 1973 BBC Series (run here in the U.S. on PBS) Ascent Of Man, the 13 part series exploring the history of human beings through scientific endeavor. But as a brilliant thinker, mathematician, biologist and science historian, he was responsible for numerous lectures on the role of imagination on symbolic language in the process of scientific knowledge. A series of lectures he delivered at Yale University under the title The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination became benchmarks of his work, and the transcripts of those lectures continue to be available.

Today’s post features Bronowski during one of his many lectures for the BBC. After his sudden death in 1974, the lectures were reissued by the BBC under the title The Bronowski Memorial Lectures, and continue their relevance to this day.

Recorded sometime around 1973, here is one of those lectures, entitled Has The Truth A Future?


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