Sly Stone - Funkmeister Supreme.
Sly Stone – Funkmeister Supreme.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Sly and The Family Stone – Woodstock Festival – August 16, 1969 – soundboard

Jumping into the classics this weekend. Sly & The Family Stone, during their appearance at the fabled Woodstock Festival on August of 1969. One of the truly revolutionary bands to mash-up Soul, Funk and Rock, Sly & The Family Stone were a massive success from the get-go. Fronted by production whiz Sylvester Stewart (the inimitable Sly Stone), Sly & The Family Stone were a tight and well-tooled organization who bridged the gap between Mainstream and the fledgling Underground Rock community with complete ease. They had across the board appeal and their long-running string of hits established them as one of the legendary bands of the 60s, who transitioned into the 70s, and are still heard just about everywhere in the world. They were/are that good.

This concert is a great example of the high-energy the band brought with them in a live performance setting. The mix is a bit strange in places, mostly because a lot of what was going on during Woodstock was uncharted territory, and hardcore outdoor sound systems were still getting bugs worked out. Festivals were relatively new at the time, and not the highly regimented gatherings they are today. It was all very new and getting its land-legs together.

So forgive the odd drops in vocal mixes, and the occasional blast of an instrument the bleery-eyed mixer just figured out the fader for. Part of the fun of Art By The Seat Of Your Pants. It’s history you’re listening to.


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