Tess Parks - From Toronto to London and back again.
Tess Parks – From Toronto to London and back again.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Tess Parks – She’s Gettin’ A Feel (h/t Soundcloud)

We’re introducing a new feature tonight. Past Daily Soundbooth. Just singles – just single cuts.

When we first started Past Daily, the idea behind Nights At The Roundtable was to concentrate on recordings of artists and bands, going from the 78 era to the present. Even the name of the feature meant it was a feature about records (i.e. the Roundtable referred to a turntable). But as the weeks passed, more and more live sessions and short concerts were featured and began crowding out the singles, until Nights At The Roundtable became strictly about live material.

The end result was a mountain of discs and non-session recordings with no place to go.

And so The Past Daily Soundbooth was born.

I’m not sure if this will be a regular feature or a weekend feature. There’s certainly enough material to go seven nights a week. But let’s see how you like it.

So we’re starting off with a new artist who has been getting a lot of attention lately, and whose latest Soundcloud entry stuck in my brain like Velcro.

Tess Parks is a Canadian artist who migrated to London when she was 17 and has since relocated back to her native Toronto to embark on a wildly engaging journey of lo-fi Psych/alt/Canadian Rock, and is coming out with some amazing material.

Tonight it’s a track, not from her debut 6-track ep, Work All Day/Up All Night (which came out last February). But instead it’s She’s Gettin’ A Feel, which was posted in April of last year. She has since signed with Alan McGee’s 359 Music and her debut album Blood Hot came out in November last year to great reviews.

She’s off to a good start – I hope we are too.

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