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The Transpersonals - whipping up a batch of good old fashioned Mind Melt.
The Transpersonals – whipping up a batch of good old fashioned Mind Melt.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Transpersonals – Look At The Sun – 2008

Back in the old days of 2006-2008, back when there was a relevant site known as MySpace, you could spend hours and often days hitting the browse button and running across hundreds and often thousands of bands from every conceivable corner of the world. They had pages and info and a player and you could find out all kinds of things about bands you were remotely curious about. Many of those bands have gone on to become household names today. Two come to mind instantly – Mumford & Sons and Phoenix.

It was a wonderful experience for the casual listener as well as the hardcore enthusiast and I made a lot of friends and kept tabs on a lot of bands because of that.

Although some bands have since made it big, there are still a lot who are doing the slog – the small gig, the remote venue, the endless hustle.

When MySpace evaporated, other sites kind-of took their place. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are two who have taken up a lot of that slack. But truths to tell, their search engines suck. And even when MySpace was floundering, they revamped their search engine and lost that essential aid in digging out the diamonds.

The Transpersonals were one of those diamonds I discovered on MySpace and have been keeping an eye out for them ever since. And even though it’s hard to get an idea what they’re up to now, they still maintain a Facebook page as well as a Soundcloud presence. Other than that, I really don’t know. I do know The Transpersonals are the brainchild of Timothy Hurford, who is a multi-talent and writer of all the material.

Tonight’s track, Look At The Sun comes from 2008, it was part of a batch of great songs from a band who were unsigned but had all the earmarks of being on the rise. From all accounts, they are still together and still performing and recording. Don’t know if there’s a label involved yet.

But if you thought all the good bands were signed to labels, I’m here to tell you that ain’t so. And it’s becoming less so every day, if it ever actually was so to begin with.

Do your mind a favor – Play loud and check them out. I understand all their music is available on iTunes. So . . .

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