The inimitable Ray Davies.
The inimitable Ray Davies.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Kinks – Live At The Rainbow – 1977 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert – BBC Radio 1

The legendary Kinks tonight, in concert from The Rainbow Theater in 1977.

The stories, the personnel changes, the breakups, the personalities – all contribute to the incredible history of one of the premier bands of the first British Invasion of the early 1960s. Still going strong and still as timely as ever, The Kinks are as much a part of the foundation of Rock as anything – certainly in relation to the great social upheavals spanning the past several decades.

Always relevant and never falling into that quaint category of “oldies band”, even though a lot of their material stretches back a ways, they have continued to maintain their freshness and currency. Leader and frontman Ray Davies just says things in a way that don’t particularly adhere to a specific place and time, but rather the whole human condition – and that’s forever.

Thanks to the ever-present BBC Radio 1 and their In Concert series, here are the Kinks as they were sounding towards the end of the 70s.

Play loud . . . .but you already know that.

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