Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser! – Day One.

Yes - it's that time again.
Yes – it’s that time again.

It’s that time of the year again – Past Daily needs to pay bills, and it’s time to pass the hat.

Luckily, we only do this a couple times a year, and if we absolutely didn’t have to, we wouldn’t be hounding you. But, truths to tell – putting Past Daily together and keeping it going every day is a full time job. The archive is huge and it’s constantly evolving and restoring. But the archive is where almost all the posts you see here each day come from. And most of the recordings I used are pretty old and some of them are not in such good shape. So it all takes time and money in order to keep up, preserve and post material every day which you get to download for free and enjoy whenever you like, and maybe even start your own library.

As you know, I’ve been collecting historic sound all my life. History is fun and I love to share it. It’s my way of giving back and turning you on to things you either haven’t heard in a long time, heard ever, or always heard about.

And it’s all about keeping this thing going, and getting the message out. And I can’t do it alone – I need your help.

So,if you could – please consider making a donation to keep Past Daily going. Any amount is gratefully appreciated, and it will be put to good use.

But if you can’t, and I know how uncertain these times are, you can still help. You can tell your friends – you can share these posts on your Facebook page and you can help spread the message and turn other people on to what Past Daily is all about.

As always, your help and support is so important. So do what you can. I promise, this Fundraiser won’t go on forever, but we do need to raise enough to keep going.

Hit the button and make a donation . . .please?

And remember; if you can’t, or you’d like to help, tell your friends if you like what I do each and every day. I would so much appreciate it.

My deepest-deepest thanks,


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2 thoughts on “Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser! – Day One.

  1. Done. Set up a small monthly donation. I really appreciate all that you do, and given that I have indeed been building my own library of historical sound from your postings, it seems the very least I can do.

    1. Thank you Jamie – you have no idea what this means. I certainly appreciate all the support and kind words – it’s what makes the difference between a good day and a bad one. Working alone on something like this, you never know if you’re doing anything right. Thanks to you, I do.

      Best wishes and many many thanks again,

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