Red Crayola - Music took a turn for uncharted territory.
Red Crayola – Music took a turn for uncharted territory.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Red Crayola – Hurricane Fighter Plane – 1967

Just to let you know, our Soundbooth feature is going to try and run the gamut in time – from very-very new to very-very old. Stay tuned and be surprised. Or not.

Tonight it’s the legendary psychmeisters Red Crayola with one of their most outrageous and adventuresome tracks, Hurricane Fighter Plane,¬†which originally came out in 1967.

Needless to say, Red Crayola wasn’t for Top-40 AM radio tastes, but they did garner a huge alternative audience over the years and are still considered a pioneering band in the experimental realm.

If you’ve never heard them before, here’s your chance to hook-up with a true Golden Oldie. Mind-blowing sounds at their best.


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    1. I thought they looked familiar – let me go in and change that. I didn’t think it looked right, but it was the only photo I could find that I didn’t already use. Thanks for the heads-up.

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