Rev. Moon - heading off to the land of zuzus and wham-whams.
Rev. Moon – heading off to the land of zuzus and wham-whams.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup – May 14, 1984 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News for this May 14th in 1984 was hopeful, as far as the kidnapped Americans in Sri Lanka were concerned. Word surfaced the rebel group holding the tourists was relenting on their vow to kill the tourists if they didn’t get $2 million in gold and the unconditional release of 20 prisoners being held by Sri Lanka. Nothing confirmed as of this broadcast but, as Ohio Congressman Chalmers Wiley said; “it was good news for a Monday morning” (FYI: May 14th fell on a Monday in 1984).

In other news – the long-sought election in the Philippines finally came off as millions of Filipinos headed to the polls to vote. At issue was the election of a National Legislature who would share governing duties with Authoritarian leader Ferdinand Marcos. But as most everyone agreed, the idea of Marcos relinquishing any power was remote at best, and his ruling party was expected to retain the majority. So it would be business as usual. However, the future just wasn’t that much of a done-deal.

The upcoming 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles suffered another setback as the Russians re-stated their unequivocal Nyet to coming to L.A. to join in the games. Of concern (supposedly) was the threat of Russian athletes being drugged and brainwashed by terrorists, which brought a jaundiced eye from L.A. Olympics organizer Peter Ueberroth. It didn’t require a big stretch to sort out this was tit-for-tat in return for our snub of the Russians in 1980 over Afghanistan. But we played the outrage game just the same.

More flare-ups in the Persian Gulf as Iranian tankers were hit by Iraqi missiles as they pulled out of Kharg Island.

And Unification Church leader Rev. Sun-Myung Moon had his 18-month prison sentence over income tax evasion upheld by the Supreme Court. Moon was scheduled to start serving immediately.

All that, and Michael Jackson was heading to the White House to get an award from Pres. Reagan on this May 14th in 1984 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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