Joseph Moog Plays Music Of Liszt, Debussy, Ravel And Haydn – 2014 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Jospeh Moog - soothing sounds for a broiling May day in Los Angeles.
Jospeh Moog – soothing sounds for a broiling May day in Los Angeles.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Joseph Moog, in recital at the Louvre Auditorium, Paris – April 24, 2014 – Radio France Musique

Over to Paris this week for a concert by Artist-to-Watch, Pianist Joseph Moog, in recital at The Louvre in Paris on April 24th of this year.

Just a little over an hour, Moog runs through a nicely balanced program consisting of music by Haydn, Liszt, Ravel and Debussy.

Here’s what’s on the player:

Concert April 24, 2014 at the Auditorium du Louvre, Paris
1.Joseph Haydn 
Sonata in D Maj. Hob.XVI.24
2 Franz Liszt 
Second ride minor S 171 
Riverfront source, extracted from Years of Pilgrimage, First Year: Switzerland S 160
3. Claude Debussy 
Images forgotten
4. Maurice RavelGaspard de la nuit
5. (encore) 
Franz Liszt 
Valse melancholy S214 # 2
Joseph Moog , piano


I don’t know about where you are, but here in Los Angeles we’re in the grips of another heat wave (second one in May), and that can only mean one thing – frayed nerves and Road Rage.

So, in lieu of having a meltdown, or going on a rampage. Put the baseball bat down and crank this one up. I promise you, it’ll work wonders.


Incidentally – we’re in Day Two of our semi-annual Fundraiser for the Past Daily, and keeping the site up and running smoothly. As you know, we run a lot of historic music on this site. Every few weeks, I run a full-length historic concert by a legendary artist or organization. All of it takes a lot of time and effort in the area of preservation. And that’s why we’re having the Past Daily Fundraiser this week. If you could chip in whatever amount you’re comfortable with, it would make all the difference in the world. If you can’t, please tell your friends to come visit Past Daily and spend some time here – you won’t regret it. So hit the Donation button below and do what you can.


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