It was a question of "cheap goods, or a good life?"
It was a question of “cheap goods, or a good life?”

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio – 9:00 Hourly News w/Richard C. Hottelet – May 16, 1983 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

A day for finger pointing, this 16th of May in 1983. Wall Street was reacting to Capitol Hill reports on the sharply expanded money supply. President Reagan was blaming Congress for spending and taxing excesses in an escalation with his battle over the 1984 Budget. Syria was blaming the Israeli-Lebanese troop withdrawal agreement, saying Syria would not allow the agreement to be implemented. Lebanon approved the agreement anyway and a treaty-signing was scheduled for the following day. In Israel, the Knesset was debating it and expected to approve it by the end of the day.

The Supreme Court sent an Affirmative Action case back to a lower court, saying it was irrelevant or “moot”. The case concerned a lower court’s order preserving an Affirmative Action case against the Boston Police and Fire Department and their policy of hiring White workers with seniority over minority workers. The Reagan White House sided with the Boston PD, but SCOTUS said no.

Ahead of the first scheduled session over Medium Range Nuclear Missile ¬†limitation talks in Geneva, the U.S. and the Soviets were exchanging barbs and pointing fingers over the other side’s submission of unacceptable proposals. Let the squabbling begin.

And that’s a little bit of what went on this May 16, 1983 as reported by Richard C. Hottelet and the CBS Radio Hourly News.

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