Trashcan Sinatras - One the Desert Island bands.
Trashcan Sinatras – One the Desert Island bands.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Trashcan Sinatras – White Horses – ep – 1990 – Go! Records

One of the Desert Island bands tonight. Trashcan Sinatras have been a favorite of mine since I first heard Opportunity Knocks. A combination of superior songwriting, great production and wonderfully crafted musicianship, they have always maintained a high standard, and haven’t diminished in that excellence in the almost 30 years they’ve been together.

That they haven’t achieved the massive popularity or commercial success many lesser bands have is baffling. The writing is not simplistic – the lyrics have a bite to them that many don’t. One fan said they were not at all upset Trashcan Sinatras weren’t huge because it made for being in on a wonderful undiscovered gem. Although the band do have a large and loyal following, and those who do know about the band are, like me, fans for life.

Tonights track is a non-album cut from their Circling The Circumference ep from 1990. White Horses is one of those dreamy ballads with an effortless flow and a hopeful message.

If you aren’t familiar with Trashcan Sinatras, there’s a lot more to discover. This one is a personal favorite – and there are no shortage of personal favorites with this band.


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