Madder Rose - New York Indie in the 90s.

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Madder Rose - New York Indie in the 90s.
Madder Rose – New York Indie in the 90s.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Madder Rose – Roland Navigator – Volume CD Magazine – Issue 9 – 1994

I see the flood of bands hitting the Spring Festival circuit this year and I’m reminded of the flood of bands that descended on the world in the early 1990s. It was an embarrassment of riches then, it’s an embarrassment of riches now. Sadly, not all of those bands are going to make it, a lot will be overlooked and some will go on to become household names, and many will just pack it up and call it a day.

Madder Rose was one of those bands I really felt were overlooked and terribly underrated during that flood of new talent in the early 90s. They were together from 1991 until 1999 when they finally went their separate ways. But during that eight year run they issued four albums – three on Atlantic (which should have been a giveaway in the reasons-for-being-overlooked department) and the last one on Cooking Vinyl. They did attract attention, most notably from John Peel who featured them on one of his best-of (Festive Fifty) programs. So they did have their supporters, and people who knew who they were liked them a lot. But sadly, they weren’t the commercial success many had hoped.

Tonight it’s Roland Navigator, a non-album single issued in 1994 and released on the Volume CD Magazine Issue Number 9.

Maybe you remember them – maybe you’ve never heard of them. Hit the play button and hear what you may have missed.

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