Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen -  Sitting between a rock and a confetti place.
Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen – Between the rock and the confetti place.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup – May 19, 1993 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News for this day in May for 1993 was certainly a mixed bag of emotions.

In Copenhagen, the worst rioting in decades broke out after Danes voted overwhelmingly to approve the Maastricht Treaty. Nine rioters were shot and wounded. Meanwhile, in another part of Copenhagen, celebrations marked the passage of the referendum which made Denmark part of the European Union. Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen was stuck somewhere between rioters and celebrants.

In other parts of the world – Conservative House Democrats on Capitol Hill were seeking deeper spending cuts, including a mandatory five year cap on discretionary Government spending and the so-called Entitlement Programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits. President Clinton was busy twisting arms and contorting.

The Trade Deficit soared past $10 Billion in March – the worst showing in almost four years and much worse than Economists were predicting. Foreign imports lead by Oil hit an all- time high. It was a time of rosy pictures and scenarios.

On the Voting front – the House Judiciary Committee was getting ready to vote on a Freedom of Choice Act, where Abortion Rights supporters couldn’t agree on whether or not States had the right to impose restrictions. In the farming community of Cornelius Oregon, voters approved an anti-Gay Rights Law. The law prohibited  local governments from recognizing Homosexuals as a minority group and it outlawed Affirmative Action for Gays. In Tennessee, the State Senate voted 27-1 to allow Prayer in Schools, even though it did run afoul of the 1962 Supreme Court ruling.The Governor of Tennessee said he would not sign the bill. Dade County Florida Commissioners voted unanimously to overturn an English-Only Ordinance – which was good since the majority of residents in Miami spoke Spanish.

The situation in Bosnia was flaring up with intense fighting between Muslims and Croates, violating truce agreements and prompting Russia to offer to send troops to monitor the border between Bosnia and Serbia.

And it was disclosed by Newsday that the World Trade Center Bomb (the one from 1993, remember?) cost $3,200.00 and was put together by 12 conspirators  who spent some $100,000.00 wired to them, presumably by contacts originating in Iran.

And so went this rather fractious May 19th in 1993, via the CBS World News Roundup, where much-much more went on.

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