Coup d'état as tourist attraction.
The Coup d’état as tourist attraction.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – BBC World Service Reports – September 19-20, 2006 – BBC World Service

With the news today of the Military coup in Thailand, the closing of schools and businesses, the restrictions placed on gatherings of more than 5 people, and all those ingredients of Martial Law, it’s reminiscent of many previous coups which have taken place in that country – a history of military takeovers going back to roughly 1932.

The coups have involved varying degrees of bloodshed, varying levels of violence and differing results. Most all of them had to do with corruption and abuse of power and the economic chasm that exists in Thailand.

And so, with this latest coup in mind – and a story that is in the process of unfolding, I was reminded of a previous coup, one which took place in September of 2006 – another coup over government corruption, violent street protests and a bloodless takeover.

Reports began on September 19th of 2006, with initial reports and then continued over the next several days as the events unfolded.

So, as a way of reminding you that history almost always repeats itself in various ways. How today’s coup will compare with previous ones will only be viewed in hindsight. But perhaps to give you some idea of what may be in store, have a listen to the events of 8 years ago and see where the similarities lie.

History refuses to be dull.

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