Churchill - after all that, calling for elections.
Churchill – after all that, calling for elections.

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News for this May 23rd, sixty-nine years ago, in 1945 had much to do with the abrupt resignation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the call for Parliamentary elections to take place in July. It was speculated Churchill would resign sometime after VE Day was declared, the rancorous atmosphere between Churchill’s Conservative Party member and members of the Labour and Liberal parties was sufficient enough for Churchill to end the squabbling once and for all.

So, on top of dealing with a war-ravaged Europe, a war-ravaged Britain and a war still going on in the Far East, there were now elections to contend with.

Full plate, this day in 1945? I’d say.

Even though the Churchill news took center stage (at least for a few days), there was still much going on throughout the world. Nazi lynchpins Hermann Goering and von Runstedt, recently captured by the Allies, were now en route to England. Reports said Goering was in a hotel in Northern England, but no word on where von Runsdtedt was being kept. No reason was given as to why both Nazi War criminals were now in England, but many thought the move was necessary as they would be safer in the UK than in Germany for now. Speculations, but no answers.

Sweeps were continuing, with the Allies arresting and taking into custody all members of the former German High Command and the acting German government in Flensburg. Arrests included some 300 Nazi Officers and well as many prominent civilians, amid calls for swift and appropriate justice for the former Nazi Officials.

Back in the States -It was confirmed President Truman would be heading to San Francisco to address to final session of  the Security Conference in June, or whenever the Conference concluded. President Truman was also receiving a number of resignations of Cabinet members and preparing to make new appointments, since he assumed office in April after the death of President Roosevelt. The latest resignation came from Attorney General Francis Biddle, who informed the President of his intentions a few days earlier. President Truman was expected to formally announce Biddle’s resignation in a press conference later on that day. It was just one of the latest in a series of political intrigues happening in Washington on this day.

And the War in the Pacific was still grinding on with Allied victories coming at a quicker pace – quicker, but still bloody and hard-fought.

All that, and a lot more for the unfolding events, this May 23rd in 1945, as presented via NBC’s News Of The World

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