Fabienne Delsol - Psych retro with a French twist.
Fabienne DelsolPsych retro with a French twist.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Fabienne Delsol & The Bristols – When My Mind Is Not Live – 2007

Fabienne Delsol is one of those Retro artists who not only have the requisite sound down, but also come with their own wonderful take on it.

I discovered her a few years ago during the “old Myspace days”; the result of hitting the browse button and being pleasantly blown-away by the discoveries.

This track, When My Mind Is Not Live, is a single, released around 2007-2008. Aside from Delsol having one of those classic yè-yè voices (only in English, even though she’s French), the track is also faithfully recorded in fantastic Mono, and her backup band, The Bristols, carry the whole thing off as if the technology never changed.  That’s not to say they are one of those “faithful recreation bands”, and this isn’t a  “faithful retro” single. It stands on its own as a good piece of work by a great singer and an excellent band.

So crank this one up and get ready for the weekend.

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