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Benny Morten’s All-Stars – My Old Flame – 1939 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Shellac Edition

Benny Morton - and now for something completely different.
Benny Morton – and now for something completely different.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Benny Morton’s All-Stars – My Old Flame – Blue Notes Records – 1939

Since the Soundbooth is about playing only records, there’s no restriction on just when those records were made or what kind of music they have on them. And for that reason, there will a dizzying assortment of music to dip in to.

Tonight it’s small-group Jazz from one of the very early releases by the fledgling label Blue Note. A 1939 release of Benny Morton’s All-Stars, featuring Ben Webster and Barney Bigard, doing their take on the standard, My Old Flame.

I’m sure it’s been reissued in any one of a number of Blue Note compilations, but this particular recording comes via the original 78.

Goes well with the weekend and goes well with late-night. Check it out.

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