Alec Wilder - Pioneer of American eccentricity.

Alec Wilder - Pioneer of American eccentricity.
Alec Wilder – Pioneer of American eccentricity and music that defied genre.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Alec Wilder Octet – Walking Home In Spring – March 30, 1939 – Brunswick Records

Taking it down several notches tonight. One of the most widely admired, but little known American Music composers of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Alec Wilder was very difficult to pin down as to what genre he was most closely associated with.

So popular was his unique brand of music that no less an admirer than Frank Sinatra sang his praises throughout  his career.

A Pop composer to Classical specialists. A Jazz Composer to Pop aficionados. A Pop Composer to Jazz enthusiasts – his music defied description. And considering how eccentric he was, probably pleased him no end.

Tonight it’s one of a series of recordings the Alec Wilder Octet recorded for Brunswick on March 30, 1939. Walking Home In Spring is typical of the non-traditional way Wilder put together this piece, including a harpsichord in the mix.

Even after all these years, the Music of Alec Wilder still defies description, even though he is revered as one of the most influential American composers (Pop, Jazz and Classical) of the 20th century.

Have a listen and judge for yourself.

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