Charlie Ventura And His Bop For The People With Jackie & Roy – Whatya Say We Go – Past Daily Soundbooth: Shellac Edition

Jackie & Roy - The be-all/end-all of Vocal Bop.
Jackie & Roy – The be-all/end-all of Bop vocals.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Charlie Ventura And His Bop For The People featuring Jackie & Roy – Whataya Say We Go – RCA-Victor -20-3396 – 1949

Jumping into some Bop 78s tonight, by way of Charlie Ventura and His Bop For The People with vocals by the legendary Jackie & Roy. All put together during Ventura’s stay with RCA Victor in 1949.

Charlie Ventura was originally with Gene Krupa’s orchestra before going solo and organizing what became known as his Bop For The People, and achieved a goodly degree of success, riding the wave of a new and experimental Jazz genre, aided by the vocal stylings of Jackie Cain and Roy Kral, who came to epitomize Bop-Scat singing into the 1950s.

One of several sides Ventura cut for Victor, before heading off to Gene Norman’s GNP Crescendo Records, where he christened Norman’s lp debut with a live album and the first album Norman was to release.

After the Bop genre died down in popularity, Charlie Ventura faded from view. But in 1949, when this track was cut – he was one of the pioneers.

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