Brother Jack McDuff – Ain’t It – 1968 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Shake And Fingerpop Edition

Brother Jack McDuff - one of a handful of legends of the Hammond B-3.
Brother Jack McDuff – one of a handful of legends of the Hammond B-3.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Brother Jack McDuff – Ain’t It – 1968 – Chess Records

Easing into something a little more contemporary (if the 60s are contemporary . . .) with the legendary Brother Jack McDuff and a single he cut for Chess Records in 1968.

McDuff was a consummate genius of the keyboards – going back and forth between Jazz, Funk and Soul – and leaving an indelible mark on each. That he hasn’t gotten the far-reaching recognition that Jimmy Smith has is something of a mystery. But McDuff’s fans are legion and his music is timeless.

If you aren’t familiar with him – I beg you to check out his prodigious output. You can start almost anywhere and find something that will blow you away.

And tonight’s single is a good start.


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