Slim Gaillard - undisputed Crown Prince of Wowti.
Slim Gaillard – undisputed Crown Prince of Wowti.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Slim Gaillard – Laguna – Bee-Bee Records 101 – 1945

Had Slim Gaillard never appeared, the world would have been an awful place. Truly and totally unique, with a language of his own (one of reportedly 8 he spoke fluently), an outrageous life’s story and one of the most remarkable talents and musical geniuses ever to walk into a recording studio or grace a nightclub stage.

He had a long and celebrated career and has often been referred to as an icon of 50s hipsters. But he was a lot more than that.

In case you haven’t heard about him, or heard any of his many songs, here is one which continued his name and outrageous personality. The 1945 recording of Laguna, variously referred to as Laguna-O-reeny, which he recorded for the small L.A. based Bee-Bee Records.

Not a bad way to end the weekend, actually.



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