Dave King of Flogging Molly - Speed-Folk.

Dave King of Flogging Molly - Speed-Folk.
Dave King of Flogging Molly – Speed-Folk.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Flogging Molly – Live At Hurricane 2014 Festival – June 20, 2014 – Arte Web stream

Festival season continues. And turbo-charging the proceedings is none other than Flogging Molly – a Meth addict’s answer to Lounge Music.

On an afternoon that literally pissed-rain through most of it, Flogging Molly kept the audience in a state of kinetic energy, this opening day of the annual three-day get-together outside of Hannover Germany.

Another festival in Europe with a stellar lineup, Flogging Molly were the perfect ingredient to get things rolling. And even though this recording catches the band in mid-song at the opening, they slammed through a 30 minute set without much letup.

Truly a band you don’t want to listen to for relaxation.

Considering it’s Friday – and this concert finished just a few hours ago (it was recorded on the 20th), I would say this kicks off your weekend just nicely.

You weren’t really planning on sleeping much between now and Monday morning anyway, were you?

Of course not.


BTW – in case you’re interested, Cabin space is still available on Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise which sails from March 13-16, 2015, sailing from Miami to the Bahamas. Four insanity packed days with the Molly’s along with Gogol Bordello and a host of others. Dunno about you, but I got a hangover just looking at the poster. Still, that’s one high-octane tour of the Caribbean.


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