Gang Of Four - Helping put Post-Punk on the map.

Gang Of Four - Helping put Post-Punk on the map.
Gang Of Four – Helping put Post-Punk on the map.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Gang Of Four – Live At American Indian Center, San Francisco – May 22, 1980 – ©Terry Hammer Archives

One of the things I love about this arcane world of archiving is running across other people who, for whatever reason, chose to record and preserve something for posterity under less-than-ideal circumstances, yet presenting it in a way that honors history, rather than sentences it to some dark, murky domain of the hardcore collector and gives it a whole new life in a way it wasn’t thought to have been destined to have.

I ran across this concert by Gang Of Four, a band there is precious little in the way of live recordings during the halcyon days of post-Punk. It was recorded and preserved by collector/engineer Terry Hammer, for broadcast over the UC Berkeley station KALX and several others from the 1979 -1981 period. Anyone who spent a night at one of these clubs knows how chaotic the atmosphere was. That he was able to, not only get a decent feed from the sound mixing board, but was also able to get clean recordings was something of a miracle. And the fact this guy did it over and over again is pure dedication to the cause of preserving history for decades to come. Fortunately for everyone, he’s been making these gems of history available and their value as historic documents is inestimable. This is really exciting stuff and I am grateful for Terry’s foresight and deft skill.

I will try and run more of these over the coming months – making a nice contrast between familiar items of the past and current concerts and sessions I usually run on the Roundtable.

In the meantime, dive into this bit of seldom heard history. It gives more than ample evidence just how exciting that period in our musical journey has been.

Play loud.

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