Bobby Womack (1944-2014) - Soul Legend - Soul Ambassador.

Bobby Womack (1944-2014) – Live At The Roxy – 1982 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend: Tribute Edition

Bobby Womack (1944-2014) - Soul Legend - Soul Ambassador.

Bobby Womack (1944-2014) – Soul Legend – Soul Ambassador.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Bobby Womack (w/Sly Stone) – Live At The Roxy – 1982 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

I’m not sure if it’s always been this way, or are we losing a lot more legends this year than usual – in either case, the loss of Bobby Womack is particularly sad as he was such an integral part of the music scene for so long – Womack, like many who have gone before him this year, was someone you just assumed would be around forever.

But like they say – Forever doesn’t mean Forever anymore, and Bobby Womack has left this part of the journey, but left us with a lot of beautiful moments and heartfelt music.

So as a tribute, I ran across this gig from The Roxy inHollywood from 1982. It features a guest appearance by none other than Sly Stone. And even though you can’t really tell how excited the audience is, it’s a charged evening with a lot of magic spread around.

RIP Bobby Womack – the voice may have left us, but the music will always ring fantastic in our ears.

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