Genocide was seemingly in vogue in 1994.

Genocide was seemingly in vogue in 1994.
Genocide seemingly was in vogue in 1994.

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As mad as the world seems this July 18th in 2014, it was just as mad – driven just as insane, this July 18th in 1994.

Twenty years ago this day the true extent of the genocide in Rwanda was yet to be revealed, but news that fleeing refugees from fighting and ethnic cleansing in Rwanda to Zaire were now the targets of mortar fire brought a new and ghastly pallor to an already grim situation.

Likewise, the situation in Bosnia was deteriorating, with a peace settlement proposal heading for rejection by the Serbs, which meant that scenario of horror would continue very shortly. The UN Peacekeepers in the area were threatening to pull out.

And Haiti was protesting to the UN that American Military jets were in violation of Haitian air space.

The only glimmer of anything resembling peace was a summit meeting between Israeli and Jordanian officials to discuss a settlement of differences and put forward a peace proposal. The meeting place for the talks was significant, as the leaders met in a tent situated on the Israel/Jordanian border and tables were arranged so that the Israeli negotiators sat on Israeli soil and Jordanian negotiators sat on Jordanian soil. Everything, it would seem, was charged with symbolism.

Things could have been worse this day in 1994 – we could have been living on Jupiter, where the planet was the object of assault from a comet breaking up and roaring into its atmosphere at 130,000 miles per hour. Observers noted the impact was spectacular, with reports that the actual impact site was brighter than the whole planet of Jupiter at one point. The activity was expected to last several days.

And that’s just a small portion of what went on this July 18th in 1994 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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