Summer '67 - Barbecues and Teargas.



Summer '67 - Barbecues and Teargas.
Summer ’67 – Barbecues and Teargas.

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As The Summer of 1967 rolled on; Summer of Love for some, Summer of Discontent for many, the world seemed wrapped up in one form of turmoil or another.

Riots were continuing throughout the East, and this July 29th(a Friday) saw it as the wrapping up of the worst week of it in U.S. history. Sniper fire was reported in Detroit, but the city was declared secure by Governor George Romney. Not so for Wilmington Delaware, Passaic New Jersey, Brooklyn and Poughkeepsie New York, South Bend, Indiana and Cambridge, Maryland. There were 4,000 National Guards in alert in Memphis, but it was quiet there. Ironic, since President Johnson’s Commission on Riots started their work on this day. Answers were being sought as to the meaning behind the rioting – and there was no lack of opinion as to what was at the cause. Most poignant came from Dr. Martin Luther King who said “A nation that can spend 35 billion dollars to fight what I consider an un-just, ill-considered war in Vietnam, and 20 billion dollars to put a man on the Moon, can certainly spend billions of dollars to put God’s Children on their own two feet, right here on earth”.

And Vietnam was also in the news this day. An explosion on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal just minutes before it was supposed to launch an air strike destroyed or damaged some 29 aircraft. Casualty figures from the accident were not released.

Two American airfields north of Saigon were the objects of intense mortar fire from the Vietcong. The mortar attacks killed some 4 U.S. Servicemen and injured some 30 others.

And anti-Mao rioting was going on in China. Paratroopers from the Red Chinese Army landed in Wuhan where rioting had been particularly intense the previous few days. Chinese Army troops arrived and took over Canton where some 20,000 striking railroad workers were on strike.

And that’s just a sampling of what went on this July 29th in 1967, as told by ABC Radio’s News Around The World.

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