Renewal in progress

Renewal in progress
Renewal in progress

Click on the link here for Audio PlayerBBC/WOR – Dave Driscoll Report from London – August 2, 1947 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The post-World War 2 period is always fascinating for a lot of reasons; not the least being the slow renewal that took place throughout all the war-torn areas of the world; the day-to-day and the rebuilding.

This broadcast, made by Mutual correspondent Dave Driscoll from the BBC on August 2nd 1947, offers a snapshot of a country in the process of putting itself back together. What Summer in 1947 sounded like, what the people were up to and how they were coping with shortages two years after the end of war.

Even at that, there was a lot of conflict and upheaval going on. The wars of Independence were heating up. The Cold War was making its presence known. The new fear of Communism was an ever-growing concern.

You’d think after a war of that magnitude and destruction people would have wanted anything but another conflict. But no.

It’s a reminder we live in unstable times, and seemingly always have. There is always some uncertainty looming.

But on August 2nd 1947, it was Summer – the sun didn’t set until until much later and things were calm for the moment.

Keep that in mind when you listen to it.


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