The Style Council – Live In Amsterdam – 1983 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

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Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Style Council – Live at De Meerveert, Amsterdam – October 31, 1983 – VPRO

Since so many of you were so enthusiastic about the 1983 BBC Sessions I posted from The Style Council a few weeks ago, I thought I would add a bit more (and since I also take requests, and said I would) by way of this full-length concert, recorded on October 31, 1983 by the venerable and ever-present VPRO at De Meervaart in Amsterdam.

Like the early BBC session, this one is early-on vintage Style Council. So new they actually weren’t prepared for an encore, and so well received you know they were destined for big things.

Always one of the really great bands of the 80s, The Style Council not only turned out some great albums, they were also one of the great live acts. It’s a shame they didn’t do much in the way of concertizing in the U.S., but then they were somehow overlooked by audiences here.

Too bad, but not for the audience in Amsterdam on this particular date in 1983.

Great concert, great sound, good times.


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