Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger - short-lived and anything but low-key.

Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger - short-lived and anything but low-key.
Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger – short-lived and anything but low-key.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger Band – Live At The Palladium, New York – July 18, 1978 – WPIX-FM

I just ran across this, and realized it’s a rarity from a band that was together for a notoriously short period of time.

Les Dudek, Mike Finnigan and Jim Krueger were all solo artists in their own right. Dudek was formerly with The Boz Scaggs Band, Finnigan and Krueger were bandmates with Dave Mason. Each had long resumès with collaborations reading like a who’s who of Rock. Each were signed to CBS Records and each had solo albums out. Someone at CBS came up with the idea of putting them together and forming something of a super-group.

The result was a summit meeting of sorts in the form of The Dudek, Finnigan Kreuger Band or DFK.

No question, they were a powerhouse outfit – and each brought something unique to the table. But with a situation where there was this much talent in the room, the chances of it sustaining for any period of time were slim.

Sadly, only one album came out of the union and a few concerts as the result, before packing it all in and going off to greener pastures. Those things just happen.

But they did leave this concert for the history books. This one, recorded live at the Palladium in New York by the venerable WPIX-FM on July 18, 1978, is about the only one I know of from this band.

It runs almost two hours and it kicks ass. It sounds great, but it gets a little muddy around the last song. It’s not enough to ruin things, but I just thought you should know about it.

A rare concert by a band who came and went in a flash, leaving only a few artifacts behind.

This artifact you really need to play loud.

Update: Apologies for not posting the rest of the band. I spaced. Here they are:


Les Dudek – Guitar

Mike Finnigan – Keyboards

Max Gronenthal – Keyboards

Michael Hossack – Drums

Jim Krueger – Guitar

Bill Meeker – Drums

Trey Thompson – Bass


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