Swervedriver - in the running for the Louder Than God sweepstakes.

Swervedriver - in the running for the Louder Than God sweepstakes.
Swervedriver – in the running for the Louder Than God sweepstakes.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Swervedriver – In Session for John Peel – September 3, 1990 – BBC Radio 1

I’ve been meaning to run this for months. Swervedriver were one of those bands (along with Ride), who introduced a Wall of Guitars into Shoegaze in the early 90s. The sonic landscape they started was one of its high-points. Strangely, neither Swervedriver nor Ride got the attention they deserved, and much of Swervedriver’s tenure was one of frustration.

But they have grown in legend over the years. Swervedriver had an initial ten year run, but it was loaded with rough spots and personnel departures. Finally splitting up in 1998, they did reunite in 2008 and have performing and recording.

Tonight’s post catches them during their formative years. This session for John Peel is from September of 1990, on the occasion of their debut album release (Wikipedia lists July 31, 1990 as the session date, but the Peel Sessions Book lists the date as September 30 – whoever is closer to the source, hopefully you will provide clarification).

Turn this one up.

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