A Guy Called Gerald - yes, Madchester also meant a heavy dose of Acid House.

A Guy Called Gerald - yes, Madchester also meant a heavy dose of Acid House.
A Guy Called Gerald – yes, Madchester also meant a heavy dose of Acid House.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – A Guy Called Gerald – In Session for John Peel – 1988-1995 – BBC Radio 1

To give you some idea of just how diverse the scene was in Manchester – while Stone Roses and The Charlatans were turning the 80s day-glo, down the street another pioneering scene, Acid House, was setting up shop and plastering the air with drum and bass beats from the likes of A Guy Called Gerald. Gerald (Gerald Simpson) was a producer and DJ who took Techno to a new level by fusing Reggae with Fusion Jazz, tossing in tape loops and electronica and emerging with some of the first Acid House to come from the UK.

As an introduction, here are excerpts from three sessions done by A Guy Called Gerald for John Peel between 1988 and 1995. Remember, this was another element in the musical tapestry emerging from Manchester in the late 1980’s. Made for some interesting nights clubbing, for sure.

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